Judi graduated from Wayne State University.  She is the clinical director of Sensory Systems Clinic and has been with the facility for 10 years.  Judi has previously worked in small hospitals, nursing homes, the Intermediate School Districts, home health care, Macomb County Community Mental Health and was also a private practitioner/contractor.  Judith had an article published in the International Rhett's Syndrome Association Newsletter regarding what to look for in a sensory integration evaluation, especially when complex issues are involved.  She is a member of AOTA, MiOTR, DDR and MASPOT.  When asked why she was working at Sensory Systems she stated that she liked, "The direct hands on, one on one approach with an environment rich with equipment that allows the therapist a maximal situation to have major impact.  Continuing education is well supported by Sensory Systems Clinic, plus we have other well trained therapists as peers that provide a wealth of knowledge/experience.  We work cooperatively not competitively."

Continuing Education Courses Completed                                        

                                                             Manual Therapy  

COURSE Year Taken
Cranial Sacral I (Upledger) 1994
Cranial Sacral II (Upledger) 1994
Whole Motor/Nurtured Child (Infant Massage) 1997
Technique and Beyond for Pelvis, Sacrum, Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar Spine (IMT) 1999
Myofascial Mapping for Integrative Diagnostics (IMT) 2000
The Study of the Connective Tissue System (IMT) 2000
Energy and Beyond Technique (IMT) 2000
Pediatric Issues (IMT) 2001
Integrative Manual Therapy Lymphatic System 2002
Neural Tissue Tension Level 1 2002
Cranial Sacral Therapy I 2002
Integrative Manual Therapy - IDS Level I 2003
Frank Lowen's Manual Perception 2003
Frank Lowen's Core Concepts 2003
Frank Lowen's Neuro One 2004
Staff in-service: Myofascial Release, Bone Bruises, DOM's 2003
Staff in-service:  Myofascial Mapping Instruction 2003
Staff in-service: IMT - mapping 2003
Staff In-service:  Myofascial Release on 3 planes 2003

Motor Development

Neurodevelopmental Treatment Certification ( 8 week course) 1977
Treating the Child and Hypotonia 1997
Infant-Toddler Developmental Assessment 1999
A Introduction to Pediatric Neuro-Developmental Treatment Principles and Facilitation 2001

Feeding/Oral Motor

Adjunct to NDT Training: "The Normal Acquisition of Oral Feeding Skills:  Implications for Assessment and Treatment" 1979


Listening with the Whole Body (Frick) I and II 1998
Samonas Sound Therapy (Steinbach and Frick) 1999
Samonas III (Steinbach) 2004
Samonas IV (Certified in Samonas Sound Therapy) (Steinbach) 2004

Sensory Integration

The Nervous and Vestibular Systems 1996
A Neurobiological Foundation for Sensory Integration by SII 1995
Treatment of Sensory Integration  -by SII 1995
Praxis, Lapsis, and Sensory (Motor) Integration 1996
How Does Your Engine Run 1997
Sensory Issues in Autism (Hanschu) 1999
Sensory Processing 2002
Staff In-service:  Using Inter-subjectivity Techniques During Sensory Integration 2004
Staff In-service:  Treating Sensory Modulation Disorders - The STEP SI - A clinical reasoning tool 2004


Play Project Training Program (Dr. Solomon) 2002
Healing from the Core 2004


University of Michigan Current Issues in Autism 1993
Effect of Visual Impairment on Postural and Motor Control Following Adult Brain Injury 1996
Evaluation and Treatment of the Child with Visual Impairment Secondary to Brain Injury 1996
Vision Screening - Vision Therapy for Rehabilitative Therapists 1997
Sensory Issues in Autism (Hanschu) 1999
Nonviolent Crisis Intervention 2001
Treating the Biology of Autism 2002
Michigan Autism Conference 2003
Hot Topics in Pediatrics Intervention 2004
Staff In-service:  HIPPA standards 2003
Staff In-service:  Visual Screening 2003
Staff In-service: Biofeedback-Handwarmer-Freeze Framer 2003