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Sandy Glovak

Sandy founded Sensory Systems 35 years ago. Her technical training is extensive and she's been highly recognized in the field. 

Training and experience combined with an intense desire to help children (and grown ups) overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their lives, in a healthy, fun & beneficial way is her passion.

Amanda Oswald

Amanda has had extensive experience working in clinical and school based therapy programs in Northeastern Illinois and Metro Detroit areas. She is a proud wife and mother to 3 young children who looks forward to the endless possibilities that each day brings. Amanda feels that the potential for making positive functional changes with pediatrics is endless!

Michelle Sgrazzutti

Michelle joined the Sensory Systems family in 2011. She loves bringing out the best in each and every child. She believes wholeheartedly in the process of child directed therapy, the "power of play" and the incredible outcomes it brings. In her downtime, she enjoys listening to her two musical teenage boys, her sassy farm cat named "Gumbo' and sailboat racing with her husband.

Lindsay Boks

Lindsay is a proud wife and mother of two children. She loves working with children and bringing out the best in each and every one of them.

Cara Clark

Her training with sensory integration therapy began in 2012. She is also a dance instructor at Le Reve Dance Company for various concentrations including a class specifically for children with special needs. She is proud and loving to her husband and two dogs. She believes that sensory integration is "play with a purpose" and it provides endless potential for children to grow and learn!

Sheena Patel

Sheena started her journey at Sensory Systems Clinic in 2009 as a student volunteer.  This inspired her to pursue a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. Sheena enjoys experiencing new things including traveling, and playing with her mischievous dog, Albee. Sheena’s love for adventure allows her to relate to children and help them grow, and develop through the use of play.

Tarisa Tugun

Tarisa is the prodigal therapist, she keeps coming back to work at Sensory Systems!  She started in 2008, has moved back and forth several times and now commutes 2 days a week because she loves to see the progress in the kids.  Tarisa also does occupational therapy with online students from home to be able to spend more time with her husband and 5 year-old daughter.  Helping and causing a giggle are her passions in life.

Sue Stefanoski

Her training in sensory integration started years earlier when her own son attended Sensory Systems which eventually led her to obtaining her own degree in Occupational Therapy.  She continues to look forward to learning new techniques and therapies to aid children as they progress the developmental stages of life.

Sue enjoys spending time with her family, especially her three sons.  She also enjoys taking long walks, riding her bike, gardening, reading and knitting/crocheting.

Gwen Claussen

Office Manager

Gwen came to Sensory Systems for help with her son's sensory issues. Their expertise and loving support has helped their family overcome many obstacles and achieve some amazing results. She is happy to help keep the office running smoothly so other families can get the help they need.


Office Staff

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