We create a safe and fun environment for your child (or you! We work with adults, too.) to learn to do things you can't imagine right now. We work carefully with families to help achieve and eventually, exceed your goals.

We Play With Purpose.

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We are an occupational therapy facility that focuses on relationships and child driven play skills.  We use sensory integration to help children relate to others and complete the daily living activities of children in a fun and motivating manner.  We think the most important goals for children are to be happy, social and to solve problems without fear, depression or anxiety.   We know that using a research driven approach, AYRES SENSORY INTEGRATION, is the best way for us to help you reach your goals for your child.



Ayres Sensory Integration Fidelity Measures 

  1. Ensure physical safety.

  2. Presenting a wide range of sensory activities that challenge balance, movement and touch.  For example, we have 40 easily accessible suspension systems. 

  3. We plan activities and their environment to help the child maintain self-regulation and alertness. For example we'll set up quiet, small spaces with special lighting for the over aroused child whereas we'll plan lots of exciting movement activity for the sensory seeking child.

  4. Challenging postural equipment and activities to improve visual control, oral control and bilateral coordination.

  5. Challenge of praxis (motor planning) to help organize behavior, with daily opportunities for the child to create their very own play environment for maximum fun . 

  6. Our best tool - child directed therapy collaborating with therapist goals creates a child driven to excel and develop self-confidence. 

  7. The therapist creates the just right challenge.

  8. Ensure the child’s success.

  9. Support the child’s intrinsic motivation to play.

  10. Establish a therapeutic alliance with the child.




  • Ayres Sensory Integration ®

  • Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Feeding - Behavioral/SOS Approach

  • Attachment - Trauma

  • Floortime/DIR ®

  • Integrated Play Groups

  • Bike Riding

  • Interactive Metronome

  • Neurodevelopmental Treatment

  • Listening Therapy

  • Handwriting Without Tears ®


  • Craniosacral Therapy ®

  • Visceral Manipulation

  • lymphatic Drainage

  • Myofascial Release

  • Integrated Manual Therapy

  • Reflex Integration