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 Sensory Systems Clinic 

Licensed Occupational Therapists


When no one knew what to do with sensory issues and trauma, we went to work educating ourselves in different therapeutic techniques. With the extra training and time spent, we were able to create a unique program that works to build trust and understanding where other people are overwhelmed and confused. We are very proud of our proprietary system that is remarkably successful at moving clients past their barriers and onto more productive lives.

who we help

Children (& adults) with a history of trauma, relational, sensory, learning, social, emotional and coordination problems from the most basic problems coping within the family/school to the more severe clinical illnesses that make day to day life a severe struggle. There is hope and we're here to help. 

how we help

How could so much fun have anything to do with treating a serious condition like autism, attachment disorder, anxiety, depression or attention deficit disorder? Children develop and learn through playing and social interactions and our highly trained staff knows just how to help them work (play) through their struggles. 



Sensory Systems Clinic has been providing occupational therapy services for children since 1982 and continues to be recognized as a leader in the Detroit Metropolitan area for innovative and effective therapy. Our central philosophy is that everything you do for a child is something that you may not be allowing that child to do for himself and is taking away the opportunity to not only learn, but to feel the elation of independence. We help the child take an active role. In fact, the one outcome that we can guarantee from therapy is your child will obtain self confidence.


"The therapist was wonderful for Jacob.  She was very communicative with me, worked well with Jacob, was very knowledgeable and caring. My only concern was that possibly she let Jacob talk her out of doing cranio-sacral during some of his sessions which he needed weekly.  They worked on many areas and he improved in all of them - sensory integration, play, fine motor skills and tactile defensiveness."

"Kevin is doing great in school. He's reading, adding two digit numbers, starting to participate more with classroom activities. His talking has greatly increased, he and his brother Mark play together so well.  He's much better at following instructions and  understanding them.  We owe so much to the therapist and all of her hard work.  Sensory Systems made the difference in Kevin's life.  Thanks for all you have done.  "

"My son Joseph stated many times during Interactive Metronome that he felt it was helping - that he felt better.  Organization improved.  Once started on his homework, he stayed focused and was able to complete it."



30801 Jefferson, St. Clair Shores, MI 48082



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